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            Welcome to the Blue Mountain Quilters’ Guild Website

            On behalf of the Board of Director’s and all members, I welcome you to the Blue Mountain Quilters’ Guild website. Our purpose is to provide an organization that encourages its members to expand their love of quilting by offering inspiration through workshops, demonstrations and guest speakers.

            Established in 2002, our guild has a large and diverse membership. Over the years, we have developed a strong presence in the community by making numerous financial and quilt donations to a variety of charitable organizations. Funds are raised through our biennial quilt shows and various in-house activities organized by our members.

            Members have the opportunity to interact with quilters, young and not so young, with a variety of interests and experience.? Current members include hand quilters, machine quilters, applique enthusiasts, traditional, modern and art quilters.

            Whether you have just started your first quilt, or have completed many, participation in guild activities n enhance your quilting experience. Our scheduled programs, workshops, monthly Saturday drop-ins and yearly retreats offer opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills and share ideas. Our Board of Directors is open to receiving suggestions for future programs, workshops and other guild activities.? Suggestions? n be forwarded to the president, in writing, at a meeting or an email. All submissions will be discussed at a board meeting or forwarded to the appropriate committee for consideration.

            Volunteering to serve on a committee n be a very rewarding way to contribute to the ongoing success of our guild. The election of the Executive and appointment of new committee chairpersons occurs at our annual general meeting in February of each year. Any member wanting to serve on a committee n contact the nominating committee chairperson to discuss personal interests prior to the AGM.

            All new members receive our welcome brochure which describes the overall workings of our guild. If you have any questions, please ask a guild member or our Friendship Committee Coordinator, Wendy Lynn.

            We want to ensure your experience with our guild is satisfying and enjoyable.


            Bonnie Rozander


            Membership will be $50/year. BMQG Registration Form 2021-2022

            Download a registration form (adobe acrobat viewer is required – n be obtained from www.adobe.com for free)

            Mailing address :

            Blue Mountain Quilter’s Guild? P.O. Box 41025 Port Coquiltam, BC V3C 5Z9

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